Plan your meals and do complete grocery list in 2 minutes.

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Before you Start

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Add Recipes to My Meal Plan

  • From My Cookbook (we've added a few recipes to try it out)
  • Hover or click recipe photo
  • Click to add to your Meal Plan
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My Cookbook

Add Meal Plan to Grocery List

  • From My Meal Plan review plan
  • Drag and drop recipes
  • Adjust servings
  • Click to add to your Grocery List
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Meal Plan

Add Regular Items to List

  • From Regular Items select your regular items to add to your list
  • Occasional items are found under Sometimes
  • Type in other items
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Do the Shopping

  • From Finalise List remove items you have already
  • Click Print for paper list
  • Click Do Shopping to use app in store
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